Google may start withholding taxes from foreign bloggers on YouTube from June


American Google has planned from June 2021 to withhold taxes from the income of bloggers working on YouTube. The company requested information about income from bloggers. If they do not provide it by the end of May, then the tax on the entire amount of income will automatically be up to 24%, Kommersant writes.

The announcement that the company may start collecting US income tax on the income of YouTube bloggers living in other countries in the summer was published on the Google website on March 10. A notification about this was also sent to bloggers from Russia who make money on their channels through advertising. The Google message indicates that taxes will be subject to income received by a blogger from viewing his content from the United States. The company substantiated its claims by changes in US tax laws, which oblige to withhold taxes from income received from US viewers.

Until the end of May, bloggers must submit the necessary tax information (profit report, including from ad views, YouTube Premium service, super chat and sponsorship) to AdSense (responsible for advertising sales at Google). The tax rate can range from 0% to 30%. With countries with which the US has a valid double tax treaty, the rate may be 0%. But this does not apply to cases where the blogger did not provide the requested information. In this case, all user income from YouTube, not just from US viewers, will automatically be taxed at a rate of up to 24%.

Source:, Sergey Mingazov, Forbes Staff